23/01/09 :: Bad weather for BMW Sauber today
With gusty winds reaching 50 km/h, the scheduled test programme had to be changed and the main focus of the morning's work switched from set-up to reliability. Nick Heidfeld completed several long runs to put more mileage on the new F1.09. After the weather improved slightly in the afternoon, Heidfeld was at last able to work on the mechanical set-up.

"Finally I could drive the F1.09 for the very first time," Heidfeld said after completing 92 laps. "We still have a lot of work to do, but we are making progress with each kilometre and the reliability is already there. Overall the F1.09 handles quite differently to last year's car. Fortunately I managed to work on the set-up in the afternoon. The most important result after my first day of testing is that the car reacts as intended to set-up changes."

What comes next:
Tomorrow will conclude the BMW Sauber F1 Team's four-day test session in Valencia.

Nick Heidfeld
Chassis: BMW Sauber F1.09-02
Engine: BMW 86/9
Laps completed: 92
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